No Most Expensive but Only More Expensive, Take About the Expensive Coffee

Coffee is one of people’s favorite drinks, there are a lot of high quality coffee varieties in the world, of cause, they are expensive, let’s have a look with those most expensive coffee.

1. Luwak coffee (Indonesia) – $160 per pound

Luwak coffee, commonly referred to as civet coffee, it is the most famous high quality coffee in the world. Not only because of its extremely high price, but also it is quite rare. It is extracted from the feces of luwaks.

In the United States, You will find that every coffee shop has a sale of this extremely expensive coffee.

2. Panama Shangri-La manor Esmeralda Coffee – $104 per pound

Shangri-La manor Esmeralda coffee is quite famous, people from all over the world like this kind of coffee because of its unique taste which may let your heart and stomach are warm. It is mainly planted in the shadow of the old manchineel trees.

3 St. Helena Coffee – $79 per pound

St. Helena Island is locates in about 1,200 kilometers to the Africa coast. Napoleon Bonaparte was in St. Helena sowed his own coffee. If you can afford $79 per pound, you should try its unique taste.

4. Guatemala estate coffee – $50 per pound

In 2006, Guatemala estate coffee won an excellence award in coffee field. Even though it was only the fourth, the value of the estate cofee is still quite expensive.

5. Brazil St. Ignace Coffee – $50 per pound

The price of St. Ignace coffee is about $50 per pound price, is definitely one of the world’s most expensive coffee products. People are still in the traditional way of planting coffee in St. Ignace without any automatic participation. The coffee is the original, when asked about the taste, people will say, it’s easily reminiscent of the sweetness of the berries and caramel.