Some Common Sense of Early Detection of Cancer

Some Common Sense of Early Detection of Cancer

Patients with the following cancers can have a long term suvival after surgery.

  • Early gastric cancer: 5-year survival rate is more than 91%.
  • Early cervical cancer: 10-year survival rate is about 94%.
  • Early breast cancer: the cure rate is about 95%.
  • Olorectal cancer: After the resection of the top canceration polyps, the cure rate can be more than 96%.

Experts remind, the annual physical examination may find out 70% of all the cancers, more than 80% of early cancers are found in physical examination. Experts point, the following 10 types of screening are effectively for early cancers.

  1. Sputum cytology: For lung cancer detecting.
  2. Chest low-dose CT photo: For lung cancer detecting.
  3. Digital rectal examination and pelvic examination: For gynecological cancer and rectal cancer detecting.
  4. Sigmoid colon endoscopy: For colon cancer detecting.
  5. Fecal occult blood test: For colon cancer detecting.
  6. Cervical scraping cytology: For cervical cancer detecting.
  7. Rectal examination, serum prostate specific antigen (PSA) and rectal examination: For prostate cancer detecting.
  8. Breast mammography: For breast cancer detecting.
  9. Venous blood examination: For almost all types of cancer, only be checked when the result is not determined.
  10. Type-B ultrasonic: For pelvic cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer and so on.

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