Why Those People Get Thyroid Nodules and What Are Harms of Thyroid Nodules

Although people’s living standard has been greatly improved today, but many unhealthy lifestyles also lead to the high incidence of many diseases, thyroid nodules in recent years are common, it brings great harm to patients. And why they get thyroid nodules?

Why Those People Get Thyroid Nodules and What Are Harms of Thyroid NodulesThere are many causes of suffering from thyroid nodules.

  1. Excessive intake of iodine. In coastal areas, public long-term consumption of a large number of high iodine content of seafood and do not lack of iodide, if they use iodized salt in the daily diet, it is impossible to cause the excessive of iodine, even cause thyroid nodules.
  2. Fast rhythm of life and work to bring pressure, also may make many white-collars suffering from thyroid nodules, and any bad feelings backlog are easy to lead to the occurrence of thyroid nodules.
  3. The reason of the high incidence of thyroid nodules, a part of which may be closely related to the development of the present detection technology. The position of thyroid gland is subtle, so it is often difficult to find small thyroid nodules, and it is related with the experience of the detection, so the detection rate of thyroid nodules is very low.

If you get thyroid nodules, don鈥檛 worry about it too much, it is not a fatal illnesses, pay attention to your daily diet and lifestyle, keep a good rest time, and go to the hospital to have a physical examination regularly.

Harms of thyroid nodules

  1. Thyroid patients often have insomnia, and have low working efficiency, and even lose labor ability.
  2. Most of the muscle symptoms of thyroid nodules are from mild muscle weakness to severe muscle weakness and muscle atrophy.
  3. Many women patients with thyroid nodules may have menstrual disorders, menopause, low sexual desire, not easy to pregnancies.
  4. Because of the patient’s irritability, they often expressed bad temper and easy to fight with others, which great harm to family and other people’s relationship.
  5. Easily leads to other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, etc.