How to Defence Kangaroos While Driving in Australia

What is your first impression of a kangaroo?

Is such a lovely girl?


Or such a muscle guy?

But apart from the zoo, I believe that most Australians see the them like this


It’s like this

In the eyes of the locals, the title of “traffic accident maker” is absolutely worthy of these guys, I do not know in Australia how many kangaroos fall under the wheels every day on the earth, but as long as out of the city, from the roadside every few kilometres you can see one or even more kangaroo corpses I am able to know that the number is absolutely not a small one Kangaroos and emus (emus, look like ostriches, a kind of big bird which can’t fly) is unique to Australia, Australia is also the emblem of the two kinds of animals, are “only forward will not be back” is known, And the real Australians often this “never back” quality as a symbol of their own spirit, but because of kangaroos’ low IQ, there are thousands of kangaroos die under the wheels every year, and they also give human a good lesson who are dare to fight with them, contributing to the Australian car industry as well.

As an old driver of more than 200,000 kilometres in Australia, I’m trying to share you some experiences with how to drive as much as possible away from the kangaroo in Australia.

1, Before the car familiar with the Australian traffic rules, especially for travel to the travel driver, the portal at;

2, There is very safe when driving in the urban area, or anywhere there are lights or closed, the possibility of encountering a kangaroo is almost zero; but when driving in the rural area, the opportunity of encountering a kangaroo is greatly improved , especially when the following signs are seen;


3, Avoid driving in night, kangaroos are nocturnal animals, the probability of night out of the day is much higher than the day, and night kangaroo eyes even worse, seemingly there is a certain phototaxis, in the car light is often attracted to the moth. The government and the insurance companies do not recommend drivers to drive in night, many insurance companies don’t accept claim accidents that hitting animals in rural areas and in night;

4, If you have to drive in night, then please be sure to turn on the high beam (when there is a car coming opposite you, please turn off the high beam), reducing the speed, keeping a high concentration of attention, focus on ahead your car about 200 meters, not just the front, both sides of the road should pay special attention;

5, When driving on unsealed roads (Unsealed Road), the vehicle’s braking capacity is significantly less than on sealed roads, and improperly brakes are more likely to run out of control, please travel speed and then reduce a grade;

6, Whether it is day or night, when a suspected animal appears in your sight, slow down immediately, but do not brakes, this is to make you have enough time to determine what that on earth; if it’s a kangaroo or other animal, whether it appears in your left hand side, right hand side of the road, no matter where it is, as long as you see, the first time to see whether there is a car behind, and then you shouldn’t have any hesitation, immediately brake the speed down to 60 km / hour or less, but do not change the line, so under normal circumstances you will not hit it; even if you hit it, the damage of your vehicle will not be serious. Do not think that the kangaroo in the other lane of the roadside, it wouldn’t effect you, trust me, it must sudden jump to you when you drive to it closely, and hit your can.

7, If you hit a kangaroo unfortunately, park in the safety zone under the premise of security, and then move the kangaroo to the roadside, so as not to affect the follow-up vehicles; you needn’t to deal with the dead kangaroo, and needn’t to report to the government department as well, but if it is an alive baby kangaroo in the pouch, you should remove the baby out of its mother carefully, and report a animal adoption agencies. If your vehicle is damaged , call your insurance company in time, but as mentioned earlier, if the accident happens in night in the rural areas, the insurance company is likely to reject your claim;

8, After processing, check the condition of you vehicle. If your car is drivable,  you can continue driving, but if the vehicle is unable to drive, or the damage if your car is seriously and affects traffic safety, please do not risk to continue driving, If there is cell phone signal, you can call the Australian road rescue of which phone number is 131111 to seek rescue; the worst thing is that the car if undrivable, and there is no cell phone signal, then the only thing you can do is to find ways to seek help from other cars, ask drivers to take you to the near town to find a rescue, the Australians are still very enthusiastic, do not worry that no one will help you; remember to note the location of the vehicle to facilitate the back to find;

9, If it is your own car and you often travel for a long way, you may consider install a bumper in front of your car.

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